Fontsmith: Brandfont

Fontsmith: Brandfont

Creative for creatives

Introduced in 2016 by Fontsmith, Brandfont® is a comprehensive service that creates exclusively licensed typefaces for brands. Brandfont® had already been successfully implemented by some of the world’s biggest brands, including UEFA Champions League, Movistar, Cadillac, Colgate, BBC One, ITV, ING, British Gas, Renault, Iberia, Xerox, Jaguar, Glenfiddich and Sainsbury’s.

We were asked to develop an approach to marketing Brandfont® that could cement Fontsmith’s place as the first choice when it comes to fonts for fonts. Insight told us that the target audience, the creative directors of the world’s leading brand agencies, still love a piece of stunning print.

Working toolkit

The Brandfont® hardback collection comes in the form of three case-bound books, making a toolkit-like set, aimed specifically at creative directors to show the flexibility, ease and potential of the service. The set is designed to be a working tool, providing creative directors and their teams with reference and inspiration when considering the type elements of brand identities.

The service needed something to arrive on desks with enough gravitas to confirm that Brandfont® is the first choice for such a service – rigorous, robust and above all, simple. It really is an easy-to-use service, so it was logical to make the main marketing piece a working toolkit that could help creatives me navigate the sometimes difficult area of font management for branding.


Fontsmith owner, Jason Smith, was very pleased with the impact:

“Now the books are landing on desks, there is an incredible vibe and buzz around. Fontsmith has now got the tools to be all that we want. The team is stoked! I’m excited for what’s next for us.

Thank you for your patience, your desire, your generous attention to get this right. Fantastic job. The rest is up to us now.”