Little Kelham

Little Kelham

Houses without heating

Faced with a brief to sell houses in Sheffield with NO central heating to sceptical Yorkshire folk, seemed like quite a challenge! But with Pythonesque cries of ‘Luxury!’ our team set about creating a brand that behaves like no other in the housing market. A brand that truly lives up to our client’s value of ‘challenging convention’ and contributes to their goal of ‘building amazing places to live’. A brand that knows the way it behaves is just as important as how it looks.

Challenging convention

We identified early on that we should approach the early adopters and the creative set in Sheffield as our spokespeople. Generating word-of-mouth support by engaging with the community, and not following the standard house builder approach was key.

Brand ideas, like having a working bakery as the community hub rather than a sales centre, caught the imagination of large numbers of buyers, who saw Little Kelham as the type of community they and their families wanted to be part of.

Overnight queues of buyers

Despite a market with limited demand, on-going difficulties raising finance and no product to show buyers, 100% of phases 1 and 2 sold off plan. Levels of interest were high and our campaign won the Grand Prix at the UK Property Marketing Awards.

“This is the first time we have created a real brand. One that behaves imaginatively, looks consistent and appeals on both a rational and emotional level”.
Chris Thompson, Managing Director