National Media Museum

National Media Museum

Most visited

The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television was one of the most visited museums outside of London. When we started working with them though, their visitor numbers were in decline, they had a name that was too long and hard to remember, and their brand wasn’t connecting with their audiences. In reality, the experience was better than the branding suggested, so rather than working for the museum, the brand was actually working against it.

Belief in the brand

To fully understand the issues, especially around the name, we talked to internal and external stakeholders and gathered insight to inform the design phase. We worked closely with the client team and developed a new, shorter name and a cohesive brand expression. We ensured that across the entire organisation there was full buy-in and a genuine belief in the brand, before helping roll-out to applications including signage, marketing collateral, merchandise and corporate communications.

Exceeding targets

In the 6 months directly after the rebrand, the museum saw a significant increase in visitor numbers. On average, numbers were up 10% and the museum enjoyed its busiest October half term in five years. Actual numbers exceeded targets for the Spring Half Term following the rebrand by 58% with just under 5,000 visitors in a single week. Another key result was the number of visitors paying extra for an IMAX film show, up by over 20% – a significant increase and important source of additional revenue.