Royal Armouries: Magnificent Seven

Royal Armouries: Magnificent Seven

The first draw

Early on in our contract with the Royal Armouries, the museum approached us for help to promote their 2013 February Half Term events. The museum had already progressed with a Wild West theme and needed further help with marketing ideas, especially through social media. The content of the event products was fixed, so our role was to create impactful imagery and introduce compelling reasons for families and enthusiasts to attend.

Magnificent Seven

To tie in with the Wild West theme, we planned and created a social media campaign to promote seven key weapons from the Royal Armouries Collection. Each had a connection to the Wild West, like the Winchester rifle. A week prior to the event, details of each of the seven weapons were tweeted daily featuring a compelling image and weapon details, helping to engage with potential attendees. A Leeds advertising was also produced targeting the local lapsed visitors.

How the West was won

Visitor numbers over February Half Term were up 4% on expectations and the Wild West theme went down well with the visitors. Research indicated that the event had strong local appeal, with many making the decision to visit as little as two days before the start of the week and the vast majority planning to visit Royal Armouries again. The percentage of visitors living within 10 miles was also up markedly, with many responding to the local ads.